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DSPT#50 – Mapping Your Consumer Behaviour in a Data Science World. (Porto)

published by root - 6 April, 2019

Why are those fries close to the soda? Are the retailers guessing your needs? Are they trying to influence you to buy more?

In the evening of 7th of March @ Blip, we had an amazing talk from Evgheni Polisciuc, a PhD student at University of Coimbra, about retail business intelligences, and more specifically in an analysis of customer-supermarket relationship,regarding geographic location of customers, demographic distribution, customers’ preferences and how visualization is an important tool for analysis and crucial in decision-making tasks. Hexagonal gridded map, which integrates diverse information layers with adaptive zoom was presented, providing different points of view over the same dataset and various levels of abstraction. At the end of the talk interesting findings were presented and discussed in detail.


Our traditional group photo


The event in numbers

  • 1 Speaker
  • 45 Participants
  • 1 coffee break
  • 2.5 hours of shared knowledge
Shared Knowledge

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