Meetup Overview

DSPT#65 – The Journal Club: Automatic Model Monitoring for Data Streams (Porto)

published by root - 10 December, 2019

In our last Porto’s meetup we’ve shaked things up a little bit, Jornal club style! The objective was to discuss the recent preprint by Fabio Pinto, Marco Sampaio and Pedro Bizarro about model monitoring for data streams (

The event consisted in a presentation by Marco Sampaio, followed by a debate with group of experts in the field including Fábio Pinto (Automaise), Bruno Miguel Veloso (UPT)

This meetup was made possilble with the help of  Losch , Novo Banco and Portucalense University.

Thank you for your support!


And of course, no DSPT meetup would be complete without our group photo.


The event in numbers

  • 1 Speaker
  • 1 Debate
  • More than 40 participants
  • 1 Coffee break
Shared Knowledge

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