Meetup Overview

DSPT#67 – Recommended By Data Scientists: Come Check it Out! (Lisboa)

published by João Ourique - 12 February, 2020

In Lisbon’s last meetup of the year we couldn’t recommend anything better than learning about recommender systems and how to use synthetic data to fight the lack of labelled data.

First Filipe Ferreira, a computer vision engineer at Sensei, showed us how Sensei is generating synthetic data to help fight the lack of labels in their dataset.

Next, Kelwin Fernandes, CEO of NILG.AI, showed us the cold start problem that NOS faces and provided a couple of useful advices to deal with this issue.

We would like to thank NOS for making this meetup possible.


And of course, no DSPT meetup would be complete without our group photo.


The event in numbers

  • 2 Speakers
  • 68 participants
  • 1 coffee break
  • 102 beers
  • A lot of recommendations
Shared Knowledge

Interesting links and contents related to the meetup.

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