Meetup Overview

DSPT#71 – Memes to Genes: Cracking the Human Code (Lisboa)

published by João Ourique - 12 February, 2020

Data Science is in our genes (and our memes), and we want to start the year just right! The first Lisbon meetup of the decade showed us the use case for embedding in information retrieval, and the different ways we can use our own DNA as data for biological analysis.

The meetup kicked off with Fernando Pais,  Data Scientist at Talkdesk, taking us on tour on how to use embeddings for information retrieval.

Then , Nuno Barbosa-Morais, leader of the disease transcriptomics research group at iMM, gave a thorough presentation about the different information the code in our cells can tell about our health, and how we can analyse it, highlighting the challenges that data scientists and biologists face when working in the interface of the 2 disciplines

Thank you to Talkdesk for collaborating with us to bring to you this meetup.


And of course, no DSPT meetup would be complete without our group photo.


The event in numbers

  • 2 Speakers
  • 47 participants
  • 1 coffee break
  • Tons of DNA
Shared Knowledge

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