Meetup Overview

DSPT#73 – Let’s talk about the environment and network science

published by Isabel Chaves - 29 March, 2020

The last meetup on Porto allowed the curious ones to learn about how artificial intelligence can improve the energy sector and the theory behind network science.

On the 4th Of March at Porto Innovation Hub we hosted the 73rd DSPT meetup. During that evening we had two amazing talks with Ricardo Bessa, assistant coordinator of the Center for Power and Energy Systems at INESC TEC, and Miguel Lopes Martins, a Data Scientist (NLP) at Critical TechWorks | BMW Group.

During the first talk, Ricardo Bessa presented us different data science use cases that can be used in the energy sector, such as load and renewable energy forecasting, energy optimization and electricity market behaviour prediction. Besides that, he was able to make us aware how we can apply some methods for these types of forecasting.

In the second talk, Miguel Martins took us on a journey that lead from the beginning of network science until the modern approaches. During this journey we were able to start noticing patterns on small things and learn how these new methods can be used for social network analysis and viral infections spread representation. After all, in one way or the other, it all revolves in finding patterns!

Finally, we would like to thank Bosch for sponsoring with DSPT in organizing this meetup and Porto Innovation Hub for providing the venue. Thank you for your support!


And of course, no DSPT meetup would be complete without our group photo.


The event in numbers

  • 2 Speaker
  • More than 30 participants
  • Lots of minis
  • 2.5 hours of shared knowledge

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