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Intelligent Marketing Automation & Sales Optimization

Successful companies run as well-oiled machines. And you know data is the new oil. You also know it’s tons of work to maintain a data infrastructure, automate workloads and keep up-to-date with the next generation innovation.

When this successfully happens it’s often thanks to you in your role as a cloud data engineer. Expertise that’s integral to run our backbone at Thalox.

Thalox is a very young global start up from Matosinhos / Porto with teams in Germany, Norway and the U.S. We are combining curiosity, entrepreneurial spirit and talent with years and years of experience as award-winning industry leaders. As we are ready to lift off our intelligent Marketing and Sales cloud software we are looking forward to forming a team of enthusiastic hands-on people to build the next generation of our AI/ML products.

We are looking for a generalist like you driven by creativity and computational expertise to build, develop and maintain a state-of-the-art data ecosystem to connect customer’s infrastructure with our cloud solution named thalox.engine.

We promise life-long learning and development opportunities, mentoring, contribution, fun and flexibility in an international team at every step of your career.

Objectives of this Role
– Gain a complete understanding of our software business and its processes (customer, partner and employees)
– Collaborate with senior leadership, and product design in conceptualizing, prototyping, piloting and implementing the next generation of Sales & Marketing data products at front- and backend
– Co-develop and integrate with internal teams and with IT and operations departments of our customer to connect their environments to
– Ensure application performance, uptime, and scale, maintaining high standards of code quality and thoughtful design
– Adding analytics, monitoring, and alerts to our data products and services so that we can better respond to operational incidents
– Use agile software development processes to iteratively make improvements to our back end systems
– Model front end and back end data sources to help draw a more comprehensive picture of user flows throughout our system and enable powerful data analysis
– Build data pipelines that clean, transform, and aggregate data from disparate sources
– Provide guidance, thought leadership, and mentorship to development teams to build cloud competencies

Preferred Skills and Qualifications
– Bachelor’s degree and/or 5-yrs experience in computer science, information technology, engineering or similar field of study
– Minimum 2 years of experience with computing technologies, networks, storage, virtualization and Docker/Kubernetes
– Working experience in cloud solutions from AWS / GCP / Azure like S3, Lambda, ECR/ECS, Sagemaker, Athena, Glue and others.
– Some knowledge in Front End UI on React, Material UI, in SQL, Python, Springboot and Java/Kotlin
– Comfortable talking about technical topics with business people and business topics with technical people
– Strong personality, leadership, communication, and collaboration skills
– Problem Solver with attention to detail
– Flexible team player, adaptable and enjoys a challenge
– Willingness to take over responsibility, independent, pro-active and foresighted way of working
– Fluent in English

What Else You Can Expect
– Working in a diverse international team servicing international clients
– Directly impacting on customers digital transformation strategy and their success.
– Attending individual mentoring & coaching programs
– Having founders with an intense focus on company culture and personal development
– Your voice is being heard.
– Running in a flexible and team-empowered working environment
– Having lots of fun

Potential Career Path
– Senior Product Engineer
– Product Management
– Head of Product Development
– Head of Products


What’s your passion?

Expected start date: 02/08/2021

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: From 40,000.00€ per year


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