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📈 Dataviz Lisboa brings you another great speaker, joining from Timisoara, Romania. She has plenty of use cases to share with you!

🎙 Data Viz for Social Impact🎙

With the increasing complexity of work in different sectors, visual decision making becomes a must. In this talk, Silvia gives an overview of data visualization projects that aid and empower decision making in government, business, academia, and civil society. She invites the audience to an interactive and thought-provoking discussion on measuring the social impact data viz applications have for different types of stakeholders.


👉 The Event is online and free of charge!
18:30 👋 Welcome
18:35 🎙 Talk from Silvia Fierăscu
19:00 💬 Panel Talk and Q&A
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***** About Silvia Fierăscu *****

Silvia Fierăscu earned a PhD in Political Science and Network Science from Central European University. She is currently Lecturer in the Faculty of Political Science, Philosophy and Communication Sciences, Researcher at the Big Data Science Lab, Director of the Social Fabrics Research Lab, at West University of Timișoara, Romania, and co-founder of the global consortium, Civic Anti-Corruption Tech Initiative. In these roles, Silvia leads several large scale training, R&D, and community-building projects across sectors, using computational social science and new technologies to build sustainable and improved organizational development, public policy, communication flows, and leadership.

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Eurekathon (DSPT partner)

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EUREKATHON is a data-driven competition that addresses societal issues associated with sustainable development goals. In this 2nd edition, you are challenged to develop concrete and creative solutions that contribute to maximize access by all people to sufficient food all year round.


  • 📅5th to the 7th of November
  • 🤝Teams of 4-6 Members
  • 💻Virtual Platform
  • 🏆Final Event (14th November)
Banco AlimentarThis year’s challenge has Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome as partner.

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