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DATES: 6-7th, 13-14th, 20th-21st October 2020
SCHEDULE: 4:00-7:00 PM GMT

Meetup : Scaling Conversational Experiences with Chatbot, DevOps & AI



Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce the next online Meetup dedicated to scaling Conversational Experiences with ChatBots!

Chatbots have been one of the most hyped consumer and business technologies around, taking a lot of market share within Machine Learning and AI projects. Nowadays every company, from small to big, wants to deliver new ways of communicating with their clients and collaborators and most of them want perfect, smart, and funny chatbots!

Well.. building engaging conversational AI chatbot solutions can be complex to achieve, and even though some platforms can ease that pain, there is always room for improvement, evolution, and scaling.

How can we scale chatbots? How can our teams increase their productivity? How can we Automate Chatbot tests?

We hope this meetup session can clear up these questions and others that may raise and discuss a bit of Chatbots, Serverless architectures, Cloud-native solutions, and a bit of DevOps.

In this talk, Julian Andrade and José Rodrigues will share their practical experience and knowledge in scaling Chatbot in real-world and complex environments. They will cover the main themes of Chatbot and how to leverage DevOps, AI and Cloud. Hands-demo will be performed. The talk will be preferably held in Portuguese, followed by a Q&A session.

The event is organized jointly with the Link Consulting, TICE.Leiria. La Redoute is sponsoring the event providing the conference material. It will take place on Zoom, we will communicate the link prior to the event. The password in case required : #tice

The event will last from 18h to 19h30, including Q&A session. The event is free and requires inscription on Meetup. You may require to provide connection information to the online platform.

Thanks in advance for your participation and help in sharing the event,

Hoping to see you there!

TALK – Build, deploy, analyze and scale Chatbots

SPEAKER – Julian Andrade

Tech lead @LinkConsulting specialized on enterprise application integrations and chatbot solutions. Experienced building and architecting enterprise Chatbot solutions supported on Serverless Architectures and Cloud Native Apps with Google and Oracle Cloud’s. Julian is also a certified Google Cloud Associate Engineer. On a personal side, his a passionate biker and sports enthusiast.

SPEAKER – José Rodrigues

Jose is an experienced application and solutions architect who understands and appreciates the impact IT brings to the world.
Currently, he heads the Integration, Distributed Architectures (or Cloud-Native, Microservices, Serverless as they are now called) and Innovative Digital Channels service portfolio at Link Consulting, a highly-specialized boutique IT consulting company. He also manages Link’s main technology partnerships.

A strong believer that an IT architect needs to “get his hands dirty” and not “just draw boxes”, he keeps coding as much as he can, either on work-related projects (mainly Presales stuff: demos, MVPs and PoCs) or when sharing knowledge (training, conference demos).
Jose is also a strong communicator, with several presentations in conferences like Oracle Open World, Oracle Code One, DOAG, NLOUG, NOUG, and others, and a mentor, having supervised more than a few MSc theses and mentoring several software engineers within the company.

This experience has given him the ability to translate complex IT and business problems into easy to understand descriptions and approaches, making it easy to address those problems with solutions that are efficient and well built.
Since 2017 he’s been working more on distributed architecture patterns (cloud-native, microservices, serverless), focusing on integration (with a strong emphasis on API design and best-practices) and data management in distributed applications. In his own words, he loves APIs.

#13 Dataviz – Moritz Stefaner – Online, Free



📈 After our summer break we start off big and have *Moritz Stefaner* as our guest. He will tell us about his projects, give us a look behind the scenes and take us into his processes and thoughts as “Truth and Beauty Operator”.

Moritz lives and breathes data visualization — as an independent designer and consultant. He helps organizations, researchers and businesses to find truth and beauty in relevant and meaningful data.

🎙 About the Talk – TBA 🎙

👉 The Event is online and free of charge!
18:30 👋 Welcome
18:35 🎙 Talk from Moritz Stefaner
19:00 💬 Panel Talk and Q&A
👉 Don’t be shy and ask some questions via comment.

***** About Moritz Stefaner *****

As a self-employed “Truth and Beauty Operator”, Moritz Stefaner keeps chasing the perfect shape for information.

With a background in Cognitive Science and Interface Design, his work beautifully balances analytical and aesthetic aspects in mapping complex phenomena to support data–driven decision making.

In the past, Moritz has helped clients like the OECD, Google News Initiative, Salesforce, World Economic Forum, Deutsche Bahn and the Max Planck Research Society to find insights and beauty in large data sets.

He is the record winner of the Kantar Information is Beautiful awards and his work has been exhibited at Venice Biennale of Architecture, SIGGRAPH, Max Planck Science Gallery, Fondation EDF, and Ars Electronica.

As a writer, Data Stories podcast co-host, and sought-after keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, Moritz Stefaner continues to excite more and more people about the magic that can emerge when art and science connect deeply.

👋 More About Moritz:


Location details:
ONLINE – Free of Charge!
Looking forward to welcome you all online.

PBIPT #23 – Power BI & R: From Descriptive to Predictive Analytics



After August it’s time to get back to our regular meetups! For the remainder of the year, fully online.

In this next session, we have the pleasure of welcoming Nuno Nogueira, who will show us the Power of R and Power BI together!

Here’s the plan:

11:00 – 11:20 | Welcome and Quick Update
11:20 – 12:00 | Power BI & R: From Descriptive to Predictive Analytics
12:00 – 12:15 | Q&A

(All presented times are Lisbon Time)

About Nuno Nogueira:

Nuno is a consultant and BI & Analytics trainer at Portal de Gestão. He is the author of the book “Power BI para gestão e finanças” from FCA editors.

— Weblink to the session to be shared close to the session date —

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.