Machine Learning Porto #4 – Workshop: Deep Dissection



Hey folks!

We are proud to announce our very first Workshop

On the 30th of April, Diogo Pinto will guide us on how to build a neural network from scratch.

The workshop will be divided in two parts, the first covering the theory and maths behind backprop and neural networks, and the second implementing and evaluating the neural network. Bring your laptops with a pre-installed Python environment containing Numpy and Jupyter Notebooks, and a notebook to take notes and make the necessary calculations!

19:00 – 👋 Meet & Greet
19:15 – 🎙 Deep-Dissection: Understanding the ins and outs of Neural Networks. (with 10 min. break)
20:30 -🍺 Drinks & Networking


Deep-Dissection: Understanding the ins and outs of Neural Networks

Are neural networks just a hairy mix of of empirically found ideas, or a beautiful complex system that adapts itself? In this workshop we will go through the math of a simple neural network and understand the backpropagation algorithm, and afterwards we will use this knowledge to implement a fully functional neural network using Numpy. If you want to better grasp this algorithm, join us and simply bring a pen, paper, your left brain hemisphere… and a notebook with a pre-installed Python environment containing Numpy and Jupyter Notebooks

About the speaker:
Diogo was trained as a Software Engineer at FEUP and grown into a Data Scientist generalist. He has mostly worked in fintech, namely in insurance, fraud detection, and more recently in the crypto-economy. His current interests are explainability, privacy and ethics in AI, and the blockchain technology.

Workshop “Clustering with Python”


What we’ll do

In the workshop, you will learn the basics of Clustering, the main unsupervised problem on Machine Learning, how the most used algorithm for it works, and how to properly evaluate and interpret the results. Most important of all, everything will be in Python.

The workshop will occur at Talkdesk new office with a limit of 40 attendees, to provide a nice learning experience for everyone.

Come in, bring your laptop, grab a beer, and let’s cluster together.

Daniel Ferrari holds a Ph.D. in Data Mining and Machine Learning. Acting as a researcher published a book and several articles in partnership with Computer Science and Biological labs. As a Software Engineer, he has contributed to the development of an ERP system for 10 years. Now, as a Data Scientist combines his experiences to develop complete Machine Learning pipelines from data extraction and manipulation to production deployment (

6.45pm – 7pm: Registration / Meet & Greet
7pm – 7.45pm: “What is Clustering, and how to do it in Python?”
7.45pm – 8pm: Coffee Break
8pm – 8.45pm: “How to evaluate and vizualise the results?”

Note 1: If you have a power strip ( and could bring to share with others, we’ll appreciate a lot.